Commercial Services

What we do

Swimline offers fully qualified and highly-regarded plumber and pool builder professional services to help you maintain a sparkling pool, install new or refurbished equipment and provide innovative solutions to stubborn problems.

Its Northern Beaches business is built on a solid foundation of expertise in regards to pool systems. We make it our priority to ensure customers have uninterrupted use of their pool, and to make sure this happens, we give you all the best data and advice in conjunction with impeccable service.

Pool Maintenance

Our commercial pool maintenance services include water testing and adjustment if required, a full clean and any chemicals needed.

Pool equipment

We supply and install all pool equipment at warehouse prices including pumps, filters, lights, pool cleaners, heaters and all chemicals.

Pool servicing

A licensed plumber will perform a full check of your pool, including all equipment. Repairs and maintenance will be included in your quote.  (Please note servicing does not include a pool clean).

Why Choose Us

We’ll test your water for free and get your pool sparkling again, best of all we won’t sell you anything you don’t need.
As part of our professional pool maintenance service, we aim to keep you informed but not get in the way.

Our latest work

Swimline is the only place you need for ALL your pool requirements, from maintenance, cleaning, repairs and builds.  Whatever your pool needs, we can help – creating perfect pool every time.


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